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My data and markup (such as XML) standards drafts

I hope to see this at W3C some day.

Automatic transformation between XML documents with different namespaces (a very rough standard draft)

ODF text document, PDF Now at wikiversity wiki site.

Related software projects

I have started to write the software (such as proxy server) which implements Automatic transformation between XML documents specification in Ada2012 language. The choice of Ada language is twofold: First, it is a very good and efficient programmimg language (especially when used with multiple CPUs/cores) and second I want to promote Ada because it is a very good language.

The first stage of my project is to create Ada2012 bindings for RDF libraries.

Among with the proxy server to be written in Ada, we need a CGI based interface which would allow to register users, change password, set user options (we should be able to save several options profiles to quickly select between them), and display errors/warnings for request done by registered users. Probably I will write that things in PHP using Yii framework. Probably all communication between the proxy itself and this Web UI should be done through MySQL (we may store errors/warnings in the DB).

I am going to call this software X-former (from XML and transformer): X-former library, X-former command line utility, and X-former proxy.

Please donate me a Linux server (with a domain name) to run there Automatic transformation between XML namespaces in the form of a HTTP proxy server. (The work on this software is not yet finished, so I will not use this server right away.) As of now sandboxing (which I need to install on this server) is supported on Fedora but is not supported on Debian.

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My other free software | My homepage | My soft blog